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Easton CT
Please Hire Me!
Water wars (duh), nerf wars, distance biking, sprinting, hiking, web design, photography, political science, role-playing on NationStates, military history, military science
Soaker Armoury:
1x CPS 1000
3x CPS 1200
3x CPS 1500
5x CPS 2000
2x CPS 2100
2x CPS 2500 (both need repairs)
2x CPS 3000 (for sale)
2x CPS 3200 (for sale)
1x CPS 4100
1x Splashzooka
1x MI Defender

1x Blorca [Blazer/Orca]
1x CPS 10K [Light 20]
1x CPS 11K [Light 30] (needs repair)
1x CPS 12K [Light 30]

1x Speedloader Double Cross 2000 NIB
2x SS 50
1x SS 200
1x WW Raven [NIB 2008 pre-release]
1x XP 75
4x XP 150 (2 need repair)
2x XXP 275 (for sale)

1x aging APWC [AP water cannon]

2x Douchenator APOL [water balloon launcher] (both need repair, one is cracked *cough cough* you know who you are)
Additional Info:
I am a veteran water warrior and was co-captain of the Ridgewood Militia team from 2004 to 2007. I am currently captain of the Super Soaker Liberation Front and active in the WWN League.

I am also involved in the NIC and you can find me on Nerfhaven of the same name. I love Nerf wars and go out to more than a dozen a year. Even if Nerf's not really your thing, come out to wars to talk and gain some dueling skills that are useful in water wars.

Feel free to connect with me on Facebook (Robert Lewis Webbe), on Twitter (@robwebbe) or by private message here on WWN.
WWN League Team:

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marauder wrote:You have to explain things in terms that kids will understand, like videogames^ That's how I got Sam to stop using piston pumpers